What’s New Sizzling for Wedding Catering in 2019?

2019 has positively been a year of couples selecting to indicate their personalities through their wedding and with their menu’s too. Your whole day ought to be a mirrored image of you each as people and as a few, giving your guests an insight into the items you fancy the foremost, and your wedding catering Preston service is a wonderful place to start!


This year we have seen a large increase in sharing board courses as couples are wanting a relaxed, friendly ambience to their day, turn aloof from the additional ancient plated 3 courses. A sharing platter course continually appearance wonderful and may be a real wow once dropped at the table - it definitely gets your guests chatting! We’ve introduced some new sharing boards to our menu’s gourmandize consists of Belly Pork, dish with Scratching Crumb, Marinated Pork Fillet, Sausage Lollipop with Pancetta, blood sausage, Savoury Apple Crumble, Sage & Onion Roast Potatoes, cooked Roots and a restaurant au Lait Sauce - is your mouth watering yet? Or however concerning dish, overdone within the massive pans outside so served to table or perhaps as evening food in cute bamboo boats? Tapas is one in all our hottest menu’s and all over again has that relaxed, sharing ambience - there is continually masses to travel around and who does not love tapas? And talking of evening food, however concerning our current team favorite - quick bread wraps? Trust us these are fully delicious. You’ll be able to guarantee you will have happy guests once these build an appearance!



Preston catering bring you our favourites/predictions for desserts next week however within the in the meantime, if you are needing to have one thing a touch totally different for your wedding menu’s, give us a ring. We’re filled with concepts and love nothing quite making menu’s you and your guests can love!


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